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Project 365 – Day 28

My goal here is to document my journey with my wife. How we met, how I got her to say yes and so on… Join me as I open up myself and share with you guys my love story.

Our first photo together. We’re still not a couple, she invited me over to her house because it was her birthday. She invited a few people only, the one’s that made a difference in her life for the past year. Almost everyone was surprised to see me there since I was not part of their group. A very close friend of mine who was also there already sensed that there was something, something fishy! LOL!

Moving on, It was actually the eve of her birthday and everyone left their house around 11:30 in the evening and I stayed behind because I wanted to be there with her when the clock strikes 12 midnight. Awwww.. I’m so sweet! LOL. I asked her if she was going to work the next day because if not I would like to invite her to Tagaytay and just spend the day with her.

Some fact again: I was not on VL (Vacation Leave) the next day! I was absent from work. LOL!

We spent the day at Bag of Beans in Tagaytay, got to know her better and she is truly beautiful in the inside and just gorgeous outside! true story! 🙂

and the story goes on… 😛

***My goal is actually inspire myself and others through my photos.***

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